We have several Airbus H125 slots available for ‘23 and ‘24. Book a new Airbus H125 with us!

Parts and equipment we have in stock immediately available.

Immediate availability for an Airbus Original Cargo Swing system (NEW)

Which includes:

- Tubular chassis, release unit and connection cable assembly

- Rear jettison control components

- Load indicator with loading status light

- Onboard Systems TALON hook

Model:  H125 (AS350 B3)

Year:  2011

MSN: 7115

Helikopter Status

Total Flight Time:  6866 Std.

Total Landing: 55958

Model: H125 (AS350 B3e)

Year: 2016

MSN: 8211

Helicopter Status:

Total Flight Time: 3704 Std.

Total Landing: 32158

Model:  H125 (AS350 B3e)

Year:  2014

MSN: 7831

Helikopter Status

Total Flight Time:  5889 Std.

Total Landing: 44390