NEW Airbus Helicopter H125 2022 "SOLD"

Model: H125 (AS350 B3e)

Year: 2022

MSN: 9284

Helikopter Status:

Total Flight Time: 7:41 hh:mm

Total Landing: 17 Ldgs

Availability: SOLD

The Airbus H125 is a multi-role workhorse with excellent visibility and low cabin vibration. It is suitable for missions such as aerial work, firefighting, and passenger transport. This helicopter is equipped with following options installed by Airbus.

Certified as VFR day and night package with Integrated Flight Display Garmin G500H TXi, included in baseline definition

Standard Base Options:

  • Integrated Flight Display
  • Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD)
  • NR indicator,
  • Caution and Warning Panel
  • External side slip indicator
  • Stop watch
  • Cockpit camera
  • Standby instruments (IESI, magnetic compass)
  • Crash resistant fuel system

Included options:

  • 05-21003-00-CI Cable Cutter System
  • 05-24004-01-CI Tail Rotor Arch
  • 05-25025-01-CI Enhanced Engine Air Particle Separator
  • 05-29000-00-CI Enhanced thermal protection on rear transmission
  • 05-63011-00-CI Starter-generator Skurka 200A
  • 05-37010-01-CI Dual Controls
  • 06-11033-00-CI Short protective skid shoes
  • 06-26004-01-FP RH side electric and de-iced external mirror Fixed –Parts
  • 06-27056-00-FP On-Board cargo Swing (1400Kg-3,080lb) Fixed Parts
  • 06-27056-00-RP On-Board cargo Swing (1400Kg-3,080lb) Removable Parts
  • 05-02067-00-CI Exterior Painting White

HB-ZVX Factsheet download here.

We can provide additional options and/or for aerial work such as FM Radio, electrical system for long line and others upon request.